Survey winners take the pulse of the NFP sector

Posted on 08 Apr 2019

The entry standards for this year’s Not-for-profit Governance Survey, which closed at the at end of March, were so high, we couldn’t pick a single winner for our $1080 prize for the best answer, so we gave the prize twice.

The winners – chosen from nearly 1900 entries – include Michael White, executive director at the South Australian Network of Drug and Alcohol Services (SANDAS) and Andrea Nave, CEO, at Forget Me Not Australia, which battles international child trafficking.

They win tickets to the Communities in Control conference, a subscription to the Funding Centre grants database, membership of the Institute of Community Directors Australia (ICDA) and a $150 book bundle.

We picked them for so adroitly summing up the mood of the sector, such as their view of what keeps them awake at night.

“I lie awake at night trying to structure impactful responses to the old chestnut that charities should have extremely low or zero administration/operation costs. Charities are charged with solving some of the greatest social problems, yet social ignorance demands they do it for free”
Andrea Nave, Forget Me Not
Nave Andrea

The Institute in early 2019 conducted a fresh study of governance in the not-for-profit sector, opening the ICDA Not-for-Profit Governance Survey to organisations nationally.

The ICDA study – to be released later this year – will create a snapshot of the top issues affecting the governing boards of not-for-profits, after we quizzed leaders on organisational performance, barriers and opportunities across governance, finance, data, development and fraud.

As the nation's top trainer and advocate for community directors, ICDA continues to press for improvements in the way we help board members.

The results will guide the Institute's work in education, resourcing and advocacy, and we'll be sharing results to boost public knowledge about not-for-profit sector governance.

“The rise of media-informed and driven policy in the community services and health sector enabled by the failure of our governments to provide leadership. Rather, they are allowing policy to be driven by the loudest and often least-informed sections of the population without regard to evidence or practice wisdom.”
Michael White, SANDAS

"There are more than 600,000 not-for-profits in Australia - it's a huge and hugely important sector, yet there remain big gaps in our knowledge about the needs, desires, frustrations and expectations the leaders of those organisations hold," said ICDA executive director Patrick Moriarty.

"We're confident our report will yield practical results for our members and the wider sector."

The latest survey follows a 2015 study on governance, which will act as a baseline.

Some organisations that missed out on the survey have even asked us for the questions again, so they can quiz themselves to help assess their own performance. You can download them here.

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