The Board Doctor: Expert Diagnosis for Board & Committee Ills

The Board Doctor: Expert Diagnosis for Board & Committee Ills

ISBN: 1876976284

Total pages: 95


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If you're on a board or committee there will be times when you need advice from somebody who has experience in dealing with the wide range of issues that may arise. The Board Doctor provides tips, ideas and solutions from a range of experts who have contributed to our newsletters and annual conferences. Our Community have brought together these experts to provide answers to a range of easy to follow exercises. They know the law, they know what has worked in practice, and they trust their judgement, because they've been in the trenches.

What's inside?

  • Recruitment
    • No Limits: Planning for Succession
    • In with the New: Induction Processes
    • Small Pond: Finding New Members
    • Diversity Rules: Reflecting your Community
    • Skill Set: Balancing Diversity with Skills
  • Ethics
    • Caesar's Wife: Handling Conflicts of Interest
    • United Front: Board Solidarity
    • Zip It: Board Confidentiality
  • People
    • The Bully
    • The Distruster
    • The Pushy CEO
    • The Maverick
    • The Spoiler
    • Founder's Syndrome
    • The Stayer
  • Board-Staff Relations
    • Up Close: Relations with the CEO
    • Back Channel: Staff Complaints
    • Good Job: Appraising the CEO
  • Meetings
    • Over Time: Reducing Meeting Times
    • Number Crunch: The Chair & the Finances
    • In Writing: Reporting to the Board
    • Running Dead: Encouraging Participation
    • Drivel Trouble: Improving the Flow
    • Away Game: Tackling Absenteeism
  • Governance
    • Show Me the Money: Board Remuneration
    • In Writing: Constitutional Clauses
    • Up to the Mark: Board Performance Benchmarks
    • Duty Calls: Representing Stakeholder Interests
    • Ex Officio: Inviting the CEO onto the Board
    • Start-Ups: Getting Going
  • Structures
    • Profit & Loss: Defining 'not-for-profit'
    • Bankroll: Making Money
    • In Sickness & Health: Good Times & Bad

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