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CDI cover Feb2020

Cracker calendar points the way

February 2020

Discover the great events in our 2020 Festival of Community Directors, read from our not-for-profit "Roadmap", nab scholarship opportunities, learn how NFPs are responding to bushfires, and, get the best tips about whistleblowing and codes of conduct.

CDI 2019 11 Cover

Sow some good

November 2019

Start planning 2020 with this bumper 56-page edition. Here's a taste of what's happening at the home of community directors.

CDI 2019 08 Cover

Stay alert

August 2019

Make the right decisions more often with an edition that focuses on early findings from our NFP governance study, plus highlights from our "Practical Impact" conference and introducing our Case Watch series.

CDI 2019 05 Cover

Communicate with clout

May 2019

Better communications edition: Understand your audience, email marketing, media coverage, branding, data communications. Plus latest training in the Festival of Community Directors.

CDI 2019 02 Cover

Your time starts now

February 2019

Threats and opportunities edition: Plan your year, good governance, royal commission fallout, NFP SWOT by experts, accounting changes, ACNC's new approach

CDI 2018 11 Cover

Connect to your community

November 2018

Building strong social connections and the ability to use that strategically is among the biggest capability a not-for-profit can seek to master. We examine this, the role of community radio, the drop in the number of volunteer leaders and much more.

CDI 2018 10 Cover

Cultivate your culture

October 2018

Organisational culture, we all know, eats strategy for breakfast. We've drawn dozens of lessons from the Community Directors Conference, including the extraordinary cultural transformation of Greening Australia, and don't miss Susan Pascoe's blueprint for setting your cultural tone.

CDI 2018 07 Cover

How to make a leader

July 2018

Leadership can make or break your organisation. Poor leadership can destroy your income, your reputation and your mission. This edition presents international research and analysis, strategies, the views of effective leaders and access to many of the resources you'll need.

CDI 2018 03 Cover

The keys to collaboration

March 2018

We've spoken to legal and academic types, change merchants, not-for-profit movers and shakers, scrutinised case studies, and dipped into our library of resources to bring you this dossier. We present powerful alternatives to mergers, and show you how partnerships will help you survive tough times, and perform better.

CDI 2017 11 Cover

What's your digital plan?

November 2017

Here's a taste of our information and communications technology edition, with a multitude of ways to boost your technological abilities. If you like this preview, become a member and read the full edition.

BB 2017 09 Cover

Where's the money?

September 2017

Not-for-profit fundraising is grindingly hard. In this edition of Board Builder, we examine two case studies where things went wrong and reveal three ways to keep your nose clean by asking the right questions. Plus, we profile a neighbourhood centre that’s built a nest egg for the day.

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