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Helping the not-for-profit sector to survive, reinvent and sustain.


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These are unprecedented and difficult times.

We’re giving the not-for-profit sector access to a library of capacity building resources to help you stay afloat until we get to the other side of COVID-19.

It’s time to survive, reinvent and sustain.

If you're just starting to address the future of your organisation following the changes as a result of COVID-19, have a read through of our introductory documents. These will provide you with some context on the state of the sector, and help give you an overview of the challenges ahead. We will be updating this page over the coming months with resources as they are made available.

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Dear Prime Minister

Charities need a well targeted assistance package

David Crosbie and Rev. Tim Costello of Community Council for Australia penned an open letter to Scott Morrison, urging him to consider the needs of the not-for-profit sector as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


These are the policies you're most likely to need to cover a range of needs in the coming months

Help Sheets

If you're in need of some advice, our help sheets will provide you with the answers you're after.


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