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This section of the Institute of Community Directors Australia website is supported by Moores - legal advisers to not-for-profits. Moores is an Our Community preferred supplier.

Yes they're lawyers, but they do a lot more. Moores develops strategy, manages projects and creates value for not-for-profits - all at a pre-agreed price. No estimates. No ranges. No hourly rates.

Moores can:

  • Help your board and management team operate effectively and in compliance with the law to best further your organisation's goals;
  • Provide your organisation with strategic guidance when establishing or structuring your organisation; and
  • Advise boards or committees of management that want advice regarding governance, tax concessions, employment, property, commercial transactions (mergers) and trademarks.

Case Watch files

When things go really bad at not-for-profits, often the battles are fought out in the courts, whether they are civil or criminal cases. We know, and hope, it's a last-resort option for organisations, because the legal system and representation is an expensive business that often ends with everyone losing.

At the Institute of Community Directors Australia (ICDA), we answer many questions from organisations who face tricky situations, which if left unresolved, are more than likely headed to the authorities. We've also renewed our efforts to keep track of precedent and landmark cases that could have an impact on your organisation.

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