Board member effectiveness quiz

This five-minute quiz is designed to help not-for-profit board members start the journey towards greater effectiveness. You can use this survey to help you determine your own strengths and weaknesses as a board member or as a basis for your board's evaluation processes.

We suggest you copy-and-paste this into a Word document or print out the document page and fill it out by hand.


Poor Fair Good Excellent
1. My knowledge of and commitment to the organisation's mission and vision.
2. My knowledge of the roles of the not-for-profit sector.
3. My knowledge of my legal responsibilities and liabilities as a not-for-profit board member.
4. My knowledge of my financial responsibilities and liabilities as a not-for-profit board member
5. My knowledge of my ethical responsibilities
6. My knowledge of my board's rules, power boundaries and policies
7. My knowledge of my organisation's range of stakeholders


Never Rarely Sometimes Often
8. I adhere to my legal, financial and ethical responsibilities to the best of my abilities
9. I look for ways to update my knowledge of my ethical, legal and financial responsibilities
10. I take appropriate steps to minimise conflicts of interest, including declaring potential conflicts to the board
11. I seek answers to any questions relating my organisation's financial position and ensure I am satisfied with the answers I am given
12. I consider and act in the interests of my organisation and its stakeholders
13. I act within the limits of my powers as a board member
14. I carry out all tasks assigned to me quickly and effectively
15. I diligently respect all board confidences
16. I am aware and respectful of the division between the board's responsibilities and those of the staff.
17. I am aware of our board's responsibility to represent its stakeholders and am committed to diversity


Never Rarely Sometimes Often
18. I am proud of my board and enthusiastic about the job it is doing. I take steps to change things I believe are not working well
19. I happily use my networks and contacts to attract supporters and increase the organisation's standing in the community
20. I happily use my networks and contacts to help raise funds for my organisation
21. I apply the same level of thought and commitment to my not-for-profit board role as I do my paid employment
22. I act as an "entrepreneur" in my board role, exploring ideas and opportunities that could be useful to my organisation
23. I am always on the look-out for people who could be potential board members
24. I welcome and offer to help new board members adjust to their role
25. I participate willingly and fully with all board self-evaluation and improvement processes

Meeting performance

Never Rarely Sometimes Often
26. I make a thorough reading of the agenda well before every meeting and clarify things that are unclear
27. I attend general board and committee meetings and annual general meetings
28. I make an active and thoughtful contribution during board meetings
29. I do not waffle during board meetings and avoid raising irrelevant matters
30. I listen to my board colleagues during meetings and do not interrupt
31. I have an excellent knowledge of meeting rules, procedures and etiquette and follow them strictly
32. I am always polite to and respectful of my board colleagues. I never launch personal attacks.
33. I am conscientious about reviewing board meeting minutes.

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