Financial self-assessment quiz

Use this quiz to help you as a Board member determine your own strengths and weaknesses in this area.

My knowledge Poor Fair Good Excellent
My knowledge of my financial responsibilities and liabilities as a Board member is
My knowledge of the different forms of financial reports is
My knowledge of the assumptions that underlie my organisation's annual budget is
My knowledge of the financial specifics of the organisation's Business Plan is
My knowledge of the fundamental trends underlying the organisation's income and expenditure is
My duties Never Rarely Sometimes Often
I adhere to my financial responsibilities to the best of my abilities
I look for ways to update my knowledge of my financial responsibilities
I avoid micromanaging financial matters that fall under the sphere of action of the Manager
I decline to take on any other financial responsibilities that conflict with my responsibilities to the organisation
My commitment Never Rarely Sometimes Often
I happily use my networks and contacts to help raise funds for my organisation
I have offered to serve on budget sub-committees or assist the Treasurer with the preparation of financial papers
My meeting performance Never Rarely Sometimes Often
I read the accounts circulated by the Treasurer before the meeting, and check the calculations
I give the Treasurer notice of any matters I propose to raise in the meeting
I seek answers to any questions relating my organisation's financial position
I ask for clarification where I do not understand the situation
I continue to seek clarification until I am satisfied with the answers I am given
I avoid taking up meeting time with long discussions of small sums
I review the format of the Treasurer's report to ensure that all necessary information is included

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