NSW Crown Land Manager Governance Development Program

The Department of Planning, Industry & Environment is collaborating with the Institute of Community Directors Australia to deliver a Governance Development training program for NSW Crown Land Managers (CLMs).

All CLMs involved in the management of approximately 34,000 Crown Land Reserves across NSW, those with a lease or licence on Crown land reserves, and volunteers who assist appointed CLMs manage Crown reserves are invited to participate.

This program is dedicated to supporting CLMs and provides a unique opportunity to share experiences, celebrate ideas and gain knowledge. Commencing September 2020 and continuing into 2021 you'll find free information-packed webinars with at least 2 webinars scheduled each week. Keep up-to-date by regularly checking the Reserves website and register for webinars below.

Crown Land Manager Top 20 Webinar Series

We're launching the program with eight governance topics from the Top 20 webinar series. Hear about some of the hottest topics, trends and issues facing Crown land managers. Most of the webinars are one-hour, with some two-hour ‘combined webinars’ offered in October.

  • Choose your preferred dates and times under each of the topics below
  • Register for each of the 8 webinars separately
  • More information outlining the key topics that will be covered in each webinar can be found on the Reserves website

Please note some technical information

  • Participants will need access to a computer with sound and reliable internet.
  • Once registered, a link will be sent to you via email; just follow the prompts to join the webinar.
  • Be sure to check your system compatibility in advance.
  • Webinars are supported by dedicated staff as well as the presenter, and during the webinar participants will be able to type in any questions and participate in real-time polling.
  • Participants will be able to download the presentation and any other documents during the webinar and will be sent a copy of the recording within 24 hours of the webinar.
  • If you have any technical issues registering for a webinar, please contact Alan Matic via email at alanm@ourcommunity.com.au.

Register for each webinar separately - choose the time that suits you best

CLM during COVID

1. Crown Land Management during COVID-19

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COVID-19 has delivered everyone with different and new challenges and managers of Crown Land reserves are no different. What have the impacts been?

What are the best methods to adapt to these challenges and overcome them? And what can we do to ensure we’re resilient when future crises come up? This webinar will look at the impacts of COVID on Crown Land management and will help guide land managers through a period of adaption to ensure the safety of stakeholders.

Understanding working with user groups

2. Understanding and working with our user groups

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No decisions about public assets should be made without consulting the community. But who should we be consulting with, and how do we work out the best methods for engaging with them? What methods are less successful? How do we connect with under-represented communities? And how should we gather and evaluate a diverse range of opinions? This webinar is designed for those looking for ideas to improve understanding and working with user groups. It will cover stakeholder analysis, user consultation and feedback and evaluation.

Roles responsibilities non council

3. Roles and responsibilities of a non-council CLM

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or combined with 4. Reporting requirements

Join us for this webinar, as we explore the roles and responsibilities of non-Council Crown Land Managers. We will be covering the important fiduciary duties of CLMs, and taking a dive into the Crown Lands Act, Regulations, Codes, Conflicts of Interests, as well as learning quick and easy ways to find all the policies, rules and regulations that you need.

This webinar is a great refresher for the more experienced and a useful induction for new CLMs and we will answer many of your questions and show you some great tools and resources.

Reporting requirements

4. Reporting requirements

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or combined with 3. Roles and responsibilities of a non-council CLM

As a Crown Land Manager, you are required to submit an Annual report each year. Join us in this popular webinar, where we step through the various requirements that make sure you meet compliance expectations and you keep up to date with what you need to submit. The webinar is designed to be straightforward, easy to follow and will have you ticking all the boxes in no time!

Better decision making

5. Better meetings and decision-making for Crown Land Managers

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or combined with 7. Strategies for resolving conflict

Great decisions are made in well-run meetings. Meetings provide the space for CLM leaders to come together and steer the ship in the right direction. What improvements could be made to your meetings? Do they go too long? Or do you never get to the decision stage?! This webinar is designed to increase understanding of meeting roles and responsibilities, dispute resolution, meeting processes such as standing orders and decision-making, and the best ways of using the Agenda, Minutes and the Decision register.

Finance basics

6. Finance basics for CLMs

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The COVID-19 crisis has shown us that it is important for the whole board to understand how the finances work, so together CLMs can weather any storm. Organisations with financially literate boards are best placed to promote and fulfil their missions, regardless of what happens. What questions should CLMs ask about the finances?

Strategies for resolving conflict

7. Strategies for resolving conflict

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Combined with 5. Better meetings and decision making for CLMs

We would love for everyone to always agree on the way forward, but the unfortunate truth is that sometimes there will be conflict! Is this always such a bad thing? What can we do to help resolve conflict? And how can we make sure we're doing this respectfully and effectively? This webinar is designed to help Crown Land managers identify conflicts and reach a respectful resolution, using previous Crown Lands examples and case studies.

Successful negotiation

8. Successful negotiation

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Negotiation happens when you need something that someone else has; and there's no law that says they must give it to you! You have something they want; they have something you want; you must talk. This course is designed for those who find themselves in positions where negotiation is common and want to learn what approaches to negotiation are most effective.

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