BSB52318 Diploma of Governance

The Diploma of Governance BSB52318 is Australia's premier diploma-level governance qualification.

TAFE Gippsland is offering the Diploma of Governance BSB52318. The course is delivered around Australia by the Institute of Community Directors Australia, an Our Community enterprise, acting on behalf of TAFE Gippsland.

The training materials and assessments for this qualification have been developed by the Institute of Community Directors Australia, which also completes all training and assessments. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be issued with a certificate of completion from TAFE Gippsland as the registered training organisation (RTO 0417).

The course is designed specifically for Australian not-for-profit board/committee members, and the CEOs, managers and senior staff who work alongside them.

Both prospective and current members of boards are eligible for enrolment, though some deep knowledge of a not-for-profit organisation is highly desirable.

This course is highly recommended for those individuals seeking to develop their skills around leading, monitoring and guiding the activities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, as well as enhancing their understanding of legal and financial obligations to the wider community and funding bodies.

To be accepted for enrolment into this course, you must also:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Have time to read, prepare and reflect on fundamental governance principles
  • Have the ability to attend and actively participate in a total of five days of training (three consecutive days + two consecutive days approximately one month later)
  • Commit to completing all competency-based assessment within twelve months of face-to-face training (you must complete one unit assessment per month)
  • Commit to transferring the knowledge gained to the organisation once the course is completed

With greater recognition for your qualifications, graduates will enjoy enhanced employment opportunities, access to higher-level governance roles and pathways to further study nationally and overseas.

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What people say...

“The Diploma brought together participants from a variety of careers and experience, making the classroom discussions highly personal. The course materials were very comprehensive and expertly used by our facilitator. The assessment tasks provided me with the opportunity to reflect on my experiences as a director and as an executive who has worked in both Not-for-Profit and corporate roles.”
Trent, Executive-in-Residence, St James Ethics Centre (NSW)
“The Diploma was terrific - it gave me a complete overarching framework; it matched what I was learning on the job and filled in gaps, such as understanding the importance of culture; it gave very useful templates and examples which I’ve taken out and used since. The course made me think and it improved my practice. I’m so pleased that I had the opportunity to do it and would strongly recommend it to others!”
Jocelyn, CEO, McAuley Community Services for Women (VIC)
“The Diploma has helped me mesh the legislated, strategic and operational functions of governance. I found the face-to-face teaching was perfectly supported by the course work, delivering immediate outcomes in both my professional and community endeavours.”
Alan, Business Manager, St James Lutheran College (QLD)
“The Diploma helped to make governance work for me - and hence helps to make it real and practical for the community I work with. The opportunity to share and work with others in similar situations and to learn with the excellent trainers is one not to be missed!”
Barbara, Community Strengthening Officer, South Gipsland Shire Council (VIC)
“I believe educators working in senior management roles would benefit greatly from this very practical and well taught Diploma.”
Graeme, Executive Principal, St Philip's Christian College (NSW)
“The number one thing I’ve gained out of the Diploma has been a much better understanding of the legislative and compliance requirements of the board. I’m confident now that I understand the various parts of good governance and compliance, and what I need to do to ensure we meet our requirements in those areas.”
Stephanie, Board Member, Youth Affairs Council of WA
“I undertook the Diploma to strengthen our organisation’s impact, increase transparency and to help build a best practice model we can share with the not-for-profit sector. Studying for the diploma was an excellent way to cement my current knowledge and practice and identify skills gaps.”
Rhyll, CEO, Western Chances (VIC)

Top 10 reasons to study with us

1. Because being a Community Director is not a hobby.
Board work (including and often especially not-for-profit board work) is becoming increasingly complex. You need to know what your legislative and compliance requirements are.

2. Because it's good for your career.
Formal qualifications like this can advance your career opportunities as well as your community contributions.

3. Because it opens new pathways.
Our Diploma can help you gain entry into higher-level qualifications at University. When you enrol, you are awarded membership of the Institute of Community Directors Australia and, by extension, you're considered a 'responsible person' in the eyes of the ATO, clearing a hurdle to certain board appointments which require this status.

4. Because we know you're going to love it.
We have received rave reviews about this course. People tell us that it's practical (and instantly applicable to a wide variety of roles), it's relevant (100% focused on the not-for-profit sector) and - unlike other courses - it presents you with a nationally recognised qualification.

5. Because not-for-profit directors are different.
Governing or managing a not-for-profit is different to governing or running a company. This course has been designed from the ground up to be solely devoted to not-for-profits.

6. Because it's applicable to your needs.
This course works for people seeking a board position, brand new board members, experienced board members, and senior staff who work with boards.

7. Because it will link you in with peer support.
You will join a growing alumni of not-for-profit governance specialists, giving you access to deep connections and a vibrant network of believers and doers. There's an online forum, as well as regular face-to-face alumni events.

8. Because it's accredited.
This is the premier nationally recognised diploma-level governance qualification designed for the not-for-profit sector. Your new post-nominals (Dip. Gov; FICDA) will highlight your credentials as part of this elite network.

9. Because it's flexible.
The course structure (just five days face-to-face, with all assessments completed at home) allows you to gain a qualification in your own space and at your own pace (one unit per month, with 12 months to complete).

10. Because it's practical.
Course content is drawn from the experience and wisdom of Our Community, which has trained more than 140,000 not-for-profit volunteers and professionals.

TAFE Gippsland is offering the Diploma of Governance BSB52318. The course is delivered by the Institute of Community Directors Australia, an Our Community enterprise, acting on behalf of TAFE Gippsland (RTO 0417). As students of TAFE Gippsland, all aspects of course delivery and training will be in accord with TAFE Gippsland policies, which can be viewed here.


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