Diploma Student Support - TAFE Gippsland

Our Community Diploma students are TAFE Gippsland students; you therefore have a wide range of resources available to you in your year of study. This page outlines what’s on offer and how to access TAFE Gippsland resources.

The TAFE Gippsland Support Services team understand that everyone needs a little help sometimes and are there to assist you with any study challenge, issue or question you may have during your studies.

The wide range of support available includes:

  • Difficulties with literacy and numeracy support
  • Assignment writing support
  • Study skills support
  • Health and wellbeing support
  • Links to external support mechanisms
  • Support through financial issues
  • Counselling services
  • Accommodation services

or they can simply be

  • An ear to listen!

You’ll find handy resources on the Student Support Services webpage, including a survival guide to studying from home, tips on how to get comfortable studying from home and FAQs for how to navigate flexible and online study.

Whatever support you need, we’re here to help!

Student Support Advisors

Providing general support, advice and assistance to ensure students are directed to appropriate external parties for further support when required, eg. Financial and counselling services.

Library Experts

Assisting students to access resources including course texts, DVDs, magazines, audiobooks, ebooks, online movies and documentaries and online articles. Students can place a book on hold if it’s not available at the time, and borrow resources from other campus libraries.


24/7 on-demand study help support function where you can receive writing feedback. You’ll receive constructive academic feedback in less than 24 hours. Connect Live offers one-to-one, personal help in real time.

  • Access Studiosity via Moodle or the Library page of the TAFE Gippsland website (See Moodle sign up details below).

Disability Liaison Officers

Available to any student who identifies as having a disability and requires support.

Koorie Liaison Officers

Providing support to Koorie learners to undertake training offered within a supportive environment.

LLN Specialists

Providing support to students who are identified as requiring additional support through initial assessment and enrolment processes, or during the study journey.

How to access Studiosity and the TAFE Gippsland Library

If you wish to access Studiosity or the Library of TAFE Gippsland, you will need to create a network account via the TAFE Gippsland Student Account Manager (SAM) page.

This account is just for the TAFE Gippsland system and is separate from anything to do with your Our Community Diploma portal. (For technical or password issues relating to the Diploma Student Portal see the Student Portal’s tech help page).

A TAFE Gippsland Student Account Manager (SAM) network account will give you access to the TAFE Gippsland Moodle home page, which in turn gives you full access to the Library and Studiosity services. Through a SAM network account, you can also access Office 365 for email and OneDrive.

Setting up your SAM network account

  • Go to https://webapps.tafegippsland.edu.au/sam/login
  • You will need to enter your TAFE Gippsland Student ID number (find yours on your My Dashboard page in the Diploma Student Portal)
  • Please allow half an hour for your SAM account to activate.
  • Once you have created your SAM network account, go to the TAFE Gippsland Student Log in Links page
  • Select Moodle and enter there your username (student ID) and the password you created. If you cannot get immediate access, allow 30 minutes and try again.
  • Once in, explore the Moodle dashboard and from here you can access Studiosity and the TAFE Gippsland Library

The TAFE Gippsland Students Login Links page is also the central place for links to:

  • Moodle
  • Office365 suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PPT, OneDrive and more)
  • Student Accounts Manager (SAM) where you manage your Student Account and password
  • Library – a link to the TAFE Gippsland Library
  • Reset your TAFE Gippsland password information page

    Don’t forget that Moodle access through TAFE Gippsland will only link you to these supplementary resources. It is not linked to the Diploma Student portal, which is your primary place of interaction during your Diploma studies.

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