• Introduction
  • Diploma Enrolment Process & Expectations
  • Introduction to Governance review

BSBGOV405: Undertake the Roles and Responsibilities of a Board Member

  • Work within the structure of the organisation
  • Manage competing roles and responsibilities
  • Follow legal requirements when carrying out board duties
  • Monitor operations
  • Receive and act on community and stakeholder feedback

BSBATSIC412: Maintain and Protect Cultural Values in the Organisation

  • What is culture
  • Respect cultural diversity
  • Apply cultural practices to governance processes
  • Deal with potential and actual cultural exploitation
  • Deal with potential and actual stereotyping and prejudice
  • Determine the effects of new legislation and policy on the organisation
  • Determine the impact of development on culture
  • Review Day One

BSBGOV501: Review and apply the organisation’s constitution

  • Linking the purpose of the organisation to the constitution
  • Identifying legislation that can impact on provisions of the constitution
  • Writing or updating an organisation’s constitution
  • Contents of a constitution
  • Making sure everyone in your organisation understands and uses the constitution

BSBGOV404: Communicate with Community Stakeholders

  • Why communicate with Stakeholders
  • outline organisational community stakeholder engagement strategy
  • community consultation methods
  • effective stakeholder communication strategies for sharing information with individuals and groups
  • outline information gathering, analysis and presentation methods

BSBGOV503: Conduct Organisational Strategic Planning

  • Establish the strategic planning process
  • Develop and review the organisation's values, vision and purpose
  • Analyse the internal and external factors that could impact on the organisation's strategic plan
  • Establish strategic objectives and strategies
  • Monitor and evaluate strategic performance
  • Review previous units

BSBGOV504: Monitor Organisational Finances

  • Establish a financial management structure
  • Establish financial management processes and systems
  • Sign contracts on behalf of the organisation
  • Follow finance procedures specified by funding bodies
  • Advise the community of the financial situation of the organisation
  • Meet reporting requirements of relevant corporate authorities and funding bodies

BSBGOV505: Seek and apply for funding opportunities

  • Funding options
  • Identify and contact funding bodies
  • Prepare a case for funding
  • Promote the case for funding
  • Appeal if necessary
  • Review previous units

BSBINN601: Lead and Manage Organisational Change

  • Identify change requirements and opportunities
  • Develop a change management strategy
  • Implement a change management strategy

BSBHRM506: Manage recruitment, selection and induction processes

  • Manage recruitment, selection and induction processes
  • Establish a recruitment and selection process
  • Recruit and select the manager
  • Negotiate an employment contract
  • Work with the manager

BSBLDR513: Communicate with Influence

  • Obtain authorisation and act ethically
  • Develop and participate in networks
  • Receive and provide information relating to the work of the organisation
  • Become informed about organisational policies, current operations and relevant local politics
  • Promote the work of the organisation
  • Be accountable to the board
  • Review previous units

BSBGOV507: Manage board or committee and organisational conflict

  • Identify existing and potential conflict
  • Consider the conflict situation
  • Use strategies to resolve conflict

PSPGEN049: Undertake negotiations

  • Plan for negotiation
  • Conduct negotiation

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