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Self-paced online course

Icda course stepin

Step in, Step up

If you’ve recently joined a not-for-profit community board or committee, or you’re thinking of joining one, or if it’s your role to ensure new board members get a good induction, this is the course for you.

Icda course wtf

Where's the Funding?

A course for community fundraisers asking 'WTF?' Where's The Funding? - providing the help to identify all the many sources of income available to your organisation and give your confidence to start drawing from each of them.

Icda course wingrants

Win More Grants

This course is designed for grassroots community groups that want to find out where to find grants and how to win them. With just a bit of know-how and some confidence you'll go from a novice to a go-getter!

Diploma woman nofilter

Diploma of Governance

Don't just do good. Be good at it.

Specialised sector training

Women Leading Locally

The Women Leading Locally program aims to increase the representation of women councillors and mayors in Victoria by supporting 120 women from 30 target municipalities through two Community Leadership and Local Governance fellowships.

Growing Gender Equity Through Governance

Growing Gender Equity Through Governance has been established to provide governance training and support to build the confidence and leadership capacity of women involved in the community sector. This training is brought to you by The Institute of Community Directors Australia, with support from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Office for Women.

The Victorian Cemetery Trusts

The Victorian Cemetery Trusts Governance and Operational Training Program is designed to help cemetery trusts enhance their governance practices through a program tailored specifically to their needs.

The program provides an introduction into the knowledge and skills you'll need to survive and thrive as a cemetery trust member.

NSW Crown Land Manager Governance Development Program

The Department of Planning, Industry & Environment is collaborating with the Institute of Community Directors Australia to deliver a Governance Development training program for NSW Crown Land Managers (CLMs).

All CLMs involved in the management of approximately 34,000 Crown Land Reserves across NSW, those with a lease or licence on Crown land reserves, and volunteers who assist appointed CLMs manage Crown reserves are invited to participate.

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