Our Community Diversity Scholarships

Ready to progress your not-for-profit career? Part-scholarships are now available on a rolling basis for community leaders!

Hundreds of not-for-profit leaders will be given the chance to win part-scholarships to complete the acclaimed ICDA Diploma of Governance.

The ICDA Diploma of Governance began in 2014 as a VET-accredited course aligned to the Australian Qualifications Framework. In 2020, the Australian Skills Quality Authority decided to remove the course from the national curriculum, despite this being the only Diploma-level course specifically designed for the not-for-profit sector. The course is now accredited by ICDA, which is an Our Community enterprise that’s dedicated to meeting the real-world needs of the Australian not-for-profit sector. The fact that the course has its origins in the Australian Qualifications Framework but is now decoupled from it gives students access to the best of both worlds: assurance of the high quality of the course structure and content, without the rigidity or bureaucracy.

While we have offered scholarships in the past for Australia's premier diploma-level governance qualification, currently we are able to offer more opportunities to more individuals across more sectors, providing a leg-up to the most under-represented groups in the country.

$1000 scholarships have been fast-tracked to allow prospective students to apply immediately for any of the following rounds, with decisions made on eligibility within 10 business days of submission.

While applications are rolling – and will remain open throughout the year – places in diploma courses are also strictly limited, and scholarships are subject to terms and conditions.

The full cost of the Diploma is $4,500, comprising enrolment, assessment and administration. Scholarship recipients will need to arrange payment of the remaining fee of $3,500.

Please feel free to apply for all of the rounds you identify with and where you meet the specific eligibility criteria outlined.

Terms and Conditions

The following details the Terms and Conditions for Diversity scholarships offered towards the Institute of Community Directors' Diploma of Governance.

All applications will be assessed within 10 business days from the date of your submission. The number of places are limited and rolling in nature, so please get your application in sooner rather than later

The full cost of the Diploma of Governance is $4,500, comprising enrolment, assessment and administration. Partial scholarship recipients are liable for the remainder ($3,500).

This fee is payable in full 10 working days prior to the first day of course.

If enrolment and fee payment has not been finalised by this time, ICDA reserves the right to re-allocate the scholarship to another applicant.

Applications must be made via the online system. No mailed, faxed or emailed applications will be accepted. Please read full details on the applicant site for opening and closing time and date. Late applications will not be considered, under any circumstances, so don't delay.

Please note previous scholarship recipients are ineligible to apply.

Scholarship recipients need to have read the course snapshot and understand that they will be required to:

  • Have time to watch videos, read, prepare and reflect on fundamental governance principles
  • Have the ability to attend and actively participate in all online tutorials / webinars
  • Commit to completing all competency based assessment within twelve months of the first day of the course (you must complete one unit assessment per month)
  • Commit to transferring the knowledge gained to the organisation once the course is completed

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